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Late night spam bots

Also, i don’t know why they were able to edit posts. I made one more change, and if any registered (non-contributor) member could try to edit a post and let me know if the can or nan not, that would be splendid.
Ok. Here’s the deal. I changed one permission at a time (over months), and although i had editing off, the minute thing was not on, so i tried it.
Because as far as i could tell, they were still editing the spam posts.
A lot of odd stuff was turned off for contributing members, maybe they got a pass by also being registered.
I reset some contrib stuff, people in the other thread said no go. Just reset all.
If you can, please try again, @poulrais @hiperf
nope. I don't even have the 1 minute option anymore... No EDIT button at all.

EDIT: Yeah!
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