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Looking to make your car turbocharged? READ FIRST

Captain Bondo

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Sep 18, 2002
We get a very steady flow of folks signing up here because they are interested in turbocharging their normally aspirated volvo.

The good news is, plenty of folks here have added turbochargers to their normally aspirated engines, and plenty other have installed factory turbo engines in place of their normally aspirated ones.

The other good news is that several of each example have been documented here.

The bad news is, asking people for general advice on how to do it will not yeild results as good as doing a search.

Please use our search feature here on the board, and also refer to this link:

That will turn up a bunch of threads from this board pertaining to turbo conversion. Best of luck and feel free to post with any specific quesitons you might have.
My +t had 210,000 miles before I did the convertion and now It has 225,000 on it and I am about to +t my brothers 244. Good luck and i have lots of pics in my sig link. :-D
Another happy +T'r.

Hey Cap'n. How about appending a list of topics they may want to search for in your thread? Also, the showroom is a great place to look as people will have their projects and go into details there.
apexi safc

while pulling a bmw tranny for a freind I recently found an L/N turbo in a wrecked 740. the motor looked the same as the one in my '87 240 gle. So, i said why not, and took the turbo, intercooler, mass air flow, injectors, every associated hose clamp and what have. i kick myself for not having puuled the fuel pump. oh well i have a apexi super afc from a previous project, and wanted to try and use it for fuel delivery.

has anyone here used the apexi safc??
yea, unce did with relative success until his motor departed beneath him. any more there are various similarly priced things people can get to suit their tuning needs vs the relatively feature-sparse afc (however used afc's can be had now and again for pretty cheap).

however one doesnt really need it if one gets the fuel and ignition ecus from the 700 series turbo car and adapts the ignition computer to work. (you'd basically fab up a harness for it).
Vo_Rider said:
How about the pin for the 240 fuel ecu?

the pinouts are the same for lh 2.2 and 2.4.

as for a faq, no not really, but everything you need to know is on that page. the sensors between the two cars are the same.
kyle242GT said:
I'd like to see links to documented (pics) F+Ts. That was very helpful when I started out.
Here's mine: http://www.sonic.net/~kyle/242/work/
And The Aspirators: http://www.vipinfoservices.com/john/turboswap/swap_default.htm

I checked out your site and the pictures were pretty well self-explaning. But I have on question. I want to EFI my CIS '82 240T using an '88 740 b230 manifold and all it's electronic components. But what about the mechanical injector holes in the head? Is it just a simple matter of plugging them?