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Lower front seat support grid

I used wire shelving from the hardware store, you reminded me I wanted to replace that with a wagonmeister grid
Maybe. But Jeff Bezos has enough money, I think you're missing the point, without these small vendors parts are going to dry up for these cars and you will have a useless lump of metal parked in the driveway.
are you all 100pct sure those aren't cooling racks?
You are still missing my point, you do you, but for a few extra bucks you are helping a fellow Volvo enthusiast and not Jeff Bezos. Why not email wagon meister and ask him if they are cooling racks?
not missing anything--I've bought parts from yoshifab (lots), bne (lots), sts machining (lots), dave barton, elberbos, why don't you email him and ask where he gets his $50 led bulbs?