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LPG ignition timing

There is some small gains to be had. The bits on the Iwema page are just AEB units with a different sticker on them. The ebay one is a cheap piece of crap from China and are prone to failing.

You have not said what engine you have so difficult to give you the best advice as to what to fit.
B18/20 the 123 programmable unit is a good idea and can run two maps one for petrol and one for LPG/CNG
B21/23 same as above
940 with rearmount dizzy you could fit something like megajolt ignition
the white block engine would be better with a system like europegas that have built in ignition advance.

The gains are only minimal and from 3000RPM up you do not want to increase the advance.

If your engine is non turbo then best way to make of the octane rating is to increase the compression ratio.

With turbo engines things do change a lot and you do need to be careful messing around with the ignition under boost.
Thinks get more interesting with turbo engines.

The gains to be had from adjusting the ignition timing is very minimal. Only a very small amount of cars converted have the timing modified as there is no real need to do it and modern engines have more complex ignition systems.

What adjustment is available with the ignition system you have?
This system works very well and has good adjustment available for different load conditions http://europegas.pl/en/Products/LPG-CNG-Systems/product_id,433.html

In the UK our autogas is 100% propane

CNG cars must have the timing adjusted for them to work
i used to have a B230FK with Vialle LPi. I did use a modified EZK ignition mapping but it did not bring huge results.
my car had other mods that were much more worth while like chipped LH box, 3,5"downpipe, full 3" sports exhaust, MBC, adj. cam pulley, ford cosworth T3 turbo on a hogged out 90+ manifold, portmatched intakes and exhausts, thin MLS head gasket
The car ran out of (white Siemens) LPi injector at about 195hp. There are larger brown Siemens injectors available but you need having them matched to the AMM to get the fueling right both on gasoline as well as LPG.
LPG burns quite a bit slower. I think Martijn/BlaBla (TB user name) had good results with his modified chips (better economy, less valve seat wear). Most LPG systems are adjusted for a very rich mixture, not good, LPG burns very slow when it is too rich (iirc lambda 0.90 is rich enough for boost). But for the details you'll have to contact Martijn.
I was in contact with Martijn, but he wasn't here from March,
and also the disadvantage with ezk chip modified for lpg, that lpg is then main fuel...