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Meet Roach and Yennefer!

Welp I opened the connector up and couldn't really get the wires to seat well so I opted for a temp fix

It started back up, fuel pump sounded off strong and I got to take off.. but the issue persists.
These cold days fool me because I can take off probably 100 yards and turn around but when I'm on my way back it bogs down and dies.
Seems like it happens soon as it gets up to temp, so I'm still wondering about the ECT or anything temp related.
I am aware of the wires from the ECT going to the ECU and the EZK.
I think I just repaired (temporarily) the wires going to the ECU. Under the drivers side?
So I'll be checking out the clips at the passengers side, hopefully catching the wire ECT>EZK.
Will keep yall posted
I didn't take any pics but I'm already gaining on the problem with my new trusty multimeter..
I had the wires to the coil backwards :/
Following the instructions in my manual for testing the power stage/coil I noticed the wire I was testing wasn't the same wire on the coil.
I feel pretty silly.. but I don't think I've damaged the coil?
The ohms seem to test correctly now and it runs a lot better with little to no foot on the pedal
She still wont GO.
Soon as I get anywhere near kickdown it bogs down, sputters, pops
Acts like its choked.
Then right after I try, the problem gets worse and worse until it dies as soon as I try to move it.
I can idle all day. I can put it in reverse and drive. But as soon as I try to move it (once its bogged a few times) it just chokes and dies.
Car will start right back up, every time.
New ECT came in the mail today but I won't be able to put it on until the morning.
Powerstage needs some thermal paste but it isnt really warm to the touch?
I also just found out over the weekend about these silly bullet connectors everywhere I wanted to replace..
3.5mm pins and connectors... Local places only selling 4.mm...
Does anyone have a lead on these? I really wanted to freshen everything up.
Got my hot glue gun, going to fit my clips back into place and try and seat all my wires.
We'll see how it goes.
I noticed a new oil spot in the driveway after testing out the new ECT

It's ohm test warming it up in my hand and I watched the new one react much faster

I wanted to check my distributor cap after the ignition coil debacle just to see how well I'm taking care of my spark
I start leaning over the engine and notice my CPS is looking real glossy

Some oil on/in the distributor cap too

Contacts are looking toasty

So I've found a bigger problem, but I'm figuring it out one step at a time
I still don't really know where the oils coming from. It's so tight back there I cant get a good look.
Two freeze plugs back there? Distributor shaft seal? I'd think there'd be more oil in the dist, and its getting oil spots on the outside so its coming from somewhere outside I think
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Found the GO problem

In tank pump was at the bottom of the tank, looks like I loosened things up when I replaced the pump.
TREperformance sent me a spare filter with the pump. I thought I had one but the Bosch one is for the original pump.
No problem with the GO now, no sputter or pump. Turbo spools (I only have it set to 5).
I'll be dropping the gas tank ASAP to clean it up before it runs again
Who knows what's in there :sick:
I still think getting a new ECT helped the car

Wiping my hands of that situation I'm still looking for the source of the oil leak but I have some clues

After wiped clean and taking it for a spin (pre tank filter fix) I started looking for oil
I couldn't get a great pic but there's oil pooling at the plugs(?) and there's actually a drip coming from the distributor plate
So I know where I'm headed I just don't know what I'll find

Embarrassing side note

I learned to check the distributor's rotor seated properly before trying to put the cap on
Nothing like expensive self inflicted damage to teach you a lesson
All this part testing and swapping has left Roach in rough shape

I've got a head gasket set and new turbo intake hose coming this weekend I'd like to see how fast I can do the job