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MountainMeet 2023, September 12-17


F*ck Edgar
Jan 17, 2010
Franklin, NC
It's about that time again!






Come enjoy such enriching activities as
  • Naps!
  • Sunrises!
  • Megasquirt Tastings!
  • Sitting in circles!
  • Steamed Hammers!
  • Copius grilled and smoked meats!
  • Getting drunk in the woods with your internet friends!
  • Benchracing!
  • And so much more!

I've never been to MountainMeet before. What does it cost?

Not a lot. Those who want beds have already paid for them, and that's what enables us to reserve the lodge itself. I do ask that you chip in for food as everything we eat gets cooked on site. That cost will unfortunately have to go up a little this year, probably to around $30/day you plan to be here, not counting Sunday.

I want to fly in, how do I do that?

You've really got three options. In order of convenience, they're Asheville, Atlanta, and Charlotte.

Asheville is going to be far and away the most convenient, and is actually served pretty well by Allegiant if you're cost-conscious and normal mainline carriers as well. https://flyavl.com/flights-and-airlines/airlines. Asheville airport is about an hour or so from the lodge.

Atlanta is served by everyone all the time, and is about 3.5 hours from the lodge depending on traffic. Probably your best option if you need a flexible schedule.

Charlotte is also served by everyone, and it's about 3.5 hours from the lodge.

If you fly in and would like a shitbox Volvo at your disposal, let me know. I can get the 960 to either Atlanta or Asheville and you can travel to the lodge in style.
If you fly into Atlanta, depending on what day you get in, you can also just bum a ride up with Dean or the Alabama Gang most likely.

Where is it?

So glad you asked. Balsam Lake Lodge, NC. It's about as remote as you can get without hiking the AT. It's a 16-bed lodge with a nice big yard for tent/hammock camping, and plenty of parking.

Where am I staying?

All the beds are already spoken for, however, there is more than enough room to shove things around inside for air mattresses, or you're welcome to pitch a tent (the kind you sleep in) or put up a hammock in the yard. There are also two large, comfy couches inside that can be claimed, but sleep there at your own risk.

What's the plan?

Whatever you want. Generally there's some combination of hiking/fishing/driving/off road driving/etc. There's not a super rigid schedule, and there never will be. If you want to just use the Lodge as a base camp for your own weekend in the mountains, that's totally cool too.


Earliest you can show up to the lodge is 3pm on Tuesday, 9/12. Tuesday afternoon is generally set up and chill. My plan for Wednesday is to just kick back and relax all day. The bulk of people start trickling in on Thursday afternoon, and we're generally up and rolling with the majority of attendees by midday Friday.


Saturday is usually a spirited drive (I'll try and avoid Batman this year) and then the main attraction Saturday evening is dinner. BBQ, chicken, all the sides you can think of, Mr. Bill's mac and cheese...it's the stuff of dreams.


Wake up, clean up, check out.

Lodge Rules:

NEW RULE: If you don't pitch in for food, you don't eat. I'm serious. If you want to come but money's super tight, hit me up in advance and we can work something out :oogle:

I don't make money on this event, that's not my goal. I also don't want to come out of pocket for expenses either.

Technically, alcohol is not allowed at this place. There will be a trash can for your empty bottles and cans. Use it. Under no circumstances should you leave trash, particularly bottles and cans, laying around. We're in the middle of nowhere. There is a caretaker's house about 1/4 mile away, but as long as we don't get excessively rowdy, we'll be fine. There has been no historical issue with alcohol consumption. Let's not make this the first year.

I plan on leaving the lodge in the same condition it's in when we arrive. Your assistance in this mission is greatly appreciated.

You do not need to bring linens, however, you CAN bring your own, and it helps immensely with cleanup. Every sheet/towel/blanket that we use has to be washed, dried, folded, and put away. If you want to bring your own sheets/blankets/sleeping bags/whatever, that will save a TON of time and effort Sunday morning.

Also, there's no need to bring cooking utensils, pots and pans, stuff like that. It's all there.

The Fine Print

1: A note on attendance: If you plan on coming, have the courtesy to let me know in the thread. As a general rule, if we've met before and are cool, come on out. If we haven't met, just shoot me a PM and let me know you'd like to come. I try to open my events to everyone, but see #4 if there are any questions.

2: Do not arrive before say 3pm on Tuesday the 12th (well, no one at my house. you can come up the hill whenever I reckon).

3: Bring enough 'stuff' (clothes, swimsuit, towel, bath accouterments) for the weekend and some emergencies. The lodge has running water and hot showers. Use them. Don't stink. Seriously, why do I have to say this every year? Take a damn shower ya nasty hobos.

4:I reserve the right to throw your ass out, don't try me. I also know (on a first name basis) the people to call if you push the issue. Please don't. Quickest way to get tossed: Piss off a bear or mess up the lodge. If you do anything dumb or anything that would jeopardize my ability to use NFS facilities in the future, there will be issues. This is a small community. Word gets around. We have (rather miraculously, I might add) had use of the lodge for six years running without incident. Let's keep that record going.

5: Bring more money than you "think" you'll need. Incidentals are a bitch and you're IN THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE. The cost of the weekend really isn't that high, but double what you anticipate you'll need and you should be alright.

6: Don't make it everyone's problem if you choose to bring a marginal vehicle. In general, just be prepared to self rescue. You do not want to get out here and have something big fail, and I don't want to have you get out here and have something big fail. This is coming from someone who broke a T5 at the first MountainMeet.

7: If you're unsure about something, bring a spare. If you're planning on driving your car on Sunday and you've got an M46, bring a spare or tow your car. Insert other parts where needed. Bring sufficient equipment to repair whatever you think you'll need to repair. Refer to the marginal vehicle paragraph above. Yes, I'm local, but in this case, local means that we will be anywhere between 1 and 3 hours away from my driveway and garage. Don't plan on using them, but they may be available in a pinch.

8: Not 21? Don't drink. Yeah, I know, laaaame. But in the unlikely event we do attract unwanted attention, I don't want to have to deal with some drunk 18 year old landing me in jail.

9: If you're gonna smoke the devil's lettuce, at least do it around back or something. I have no issues with it, but it is federal property, and I really don't want to get booted for future years. The caretakers can (and have) shown up randomly to check in on us.
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Attendance lists below. A * means you've paid for your bed, a $ means you've paid for food. We'll hold off on food fund collection for a bit.

In, with beds in the lodge:
  1. Me*$
  2. Bayleigh*$
  3. Jimbo*$
  4. MG Rob*$
  5. Sam*$
  6. Sarah*$
  7. Kenny*$
  8. HondaMatt*$
  9. MrBill* $
  10. TequilaMark*
  11. Gordon*$
  12. Kyle $*
  13. Dana*$
  14. Eamonn $*
  15. Derrick*$
  16. Morgan*$
In, camping in cars or otherwise
  1. MikeSr $
  2. Nate
  3. Freddy
  4. Chelsie $
  5. Other Jared $
  6. Jade $
  7. Andrew $
  8. Kyle Devries $
  9. Steph Devries $
  10. Ansel
  11. JohnMC $
  12. Charlotte Matt $
  13. Dean $
  14. Shaunyce $
  15. Bren $
  16. Jen $
  17. Andrew Delgatti $
  18. Moses $
  19. Ben Crawford
  20. Keeeeeent $
  21. Luke
  22. MikeJr$
  23. MikeJr +1$
  24. Zeke
  25. RallyDave $
  26. RallyDom $
  27. Denis $
  28. $500Matt
  29. Carson
  30. Josh Brown $
  31. Nick H. $
  32. Asher
  33. Sean Allison
  34. Dan Cabe
  35. Billy $
  36. Capt_Blot $
  37. Sam cwazywazy $
  38. MikeP $
  39. James M/Jimmy $
  40. Moses’ Pops $
  41. Ken Borgerding $
  42. Daniel Cicalo $
  43. WindowsBreakerG4/Alden $
  44. Plowery $
  1. Taro (you better)
  2. Edison
  3. Jerry Bartle
  4. Boston
  5. BJ
  6. Wes Emerson
  7. Other other Jared
  8. Levi
  9. Zach B.
  10. Ryley F
  11. Nick Hageman
  12. Chris McAdams
  13. Adam Wallick
  14. James Freeman
  15. Luke Wossner
  16. Dan Thompson
  17. Kathy
  18. volvogravyboi Richard
  19. Nick F
  20. Mason Shipman
  21. Presby
  22. ERIC
  23. Ziggy
  24. Luke Davis
  25. Matt Wood
  26. Le Marek
  27. KwikBrik245
  28. KwikBrik245+1
  29. SlowxHand
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*looks at fleet of old hoopty shitboxes in the driveway*
Eenie meenie minie moe

I'm thinking PV this year. Unless I get overly motivated and start a 16V swap on it and don't get it done in time.
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Yes, please. Yard space or upper deck camping.
Reserve your scrapple here, this year is a thick slice year. It's a shorebilly tradition to alternate.
Can confirm the 960 is a solid Grampa series with a cozy enough backseat for a night or two.

Will drive out rust free CA car someone wants off Facebook marketplace in exchange for a ride to the airport and weekends supply of beer:oogle:.