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Need help: How can I screw fuse box?


New member
Oct 7, 2010
Poland, Ł?dź
This is the place:

And there are no holes in the body, somthing missing? Could someone help and put in here some pics of that place? To what is it screwed? In haynes there isn't a single clue.
That looks pretty screwed as it is! No really, I believe there is supposed to be more to it than that. I know there was a black cardboard like panel glued to that before, covering the open space. There may have been another bracket. Someone like Redwoodchair that has taken a 240 apart and knows about the small details may know.
What year car? It should be screwed to 2 of the horizontal bars in the pics. Line up the fuse panel with the bars and make 2 new holes. You may want to glue a thinner board to the entire perimeter before you put the fuse panel on.