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New board, new host, new year


Old and Slow
300+ Club
Mar 19, 2003
Denver, CO
Has anybody tried embedding an iFrame in this new forum?

The iframes displaying a google doc don't work any more in the East vs. West racing posts.

I can figure out another method if needed. But the iframe was always pretty easy on the old forum.



Arthur Digby Sellers
Mar 3, 2011
I can’t see any sigs, even though I have them turned on in my preferences. Any one else have this issue?


Well-known member
Feb 16, 2009
Port Coquitlam
I no longer feel exclusive. Where is my bright pink seal of uniqueness? :LOL:


A Smorgasbord of Excellence
Dec 15, 2006
on a crappy road...
i've dreamt of this moment for weeks.
My dreams have come true as well.

Dana..or anyone... 2 question.

Is there a way to post without including your sig? I've looked but I guess Im missing it.

2nd one is how do we do multiple quotes?
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Turbo LS ****poster
Jan 5, 2013
NJ near Philly
I was wondering about this too. Is there no way one can embed non-image media content with a direct link to it? The "approved sites" thing is pretty limiting.
@boostdemon looks like html is not working for embedding media in posts. Is this a fixable thing or will I have to Ctrl+H all of my build threads?
Hopefully theres a fix here. My thread got wrecked lol. I really like the rest of the forum looks. Feels smoother somehow


mostly lurking
Dec 31, 2018
SF Bay Area
Wow, disappear for a few weeks and then discover a new home! (Is this like the parents painting the house and buying all new furniture so the kid doesn't recognize the place after a college semester...?) :lol:

But seriously -- amazingly well done. You migrated all posts and photos, kept links intact (!), kept all usernames and dates and post counts without making anyone reset even so much as a password?? In less than a week, to boot. And then tweaked a handful of user requests to return a bit of the old feel. Bravo!

The ability to resize pictures is a nice touch. Looking forward to discovering other new treasures as well.

PS. When spot checking, I did find a couple of bad links on an FAQ page here, but to be fair, I kinda suspect they've been incorrect for years. When it comes to computers, that's one of my superpowers: I can break anything. Need any more testing done? :cool:


creative mastermind
May 31, 2002
Cary, NC
Yeah eventually i will figure out how to load those into the board as articles.. and then they can be more of a 'living document' that can be updated and discussed which would be awesome.