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New phone, who dis? (alternatively, 5 cylinder turbo awd content)


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Dec 25, 2002
mont, AL
So the check engine light popped up recently on the V70r indicating a bulb burnt out, so it was time for a change. But a newer V70r is still a 16ish year old car, and corner lights don't last forever, sooo what to do, what to do..

Whilst pondering this timeless question, I was contacted by a local car buddy of mine, and he claimed to have the answer to my problem! Rejoice! I only had to wait a few weeks for planetary alignment.

Monday was the day, and it did not disappoint....




(look at that sweet hood in the background!)

and it's current resting spot

I've been fairly quiet about this, wasn't sure it would ever come off with all of the production issues, etc, and in fact had all but written it off back in march after more delays and issues came out of the Audi camp. For a backstory, I put a deposit down on a custom order in may last year, and pretty much no one was getting their orders picked up. A buddy of mine (Greyson) got his in late november/december after sitting on the waiting list since the first day orders could be put in--but it wasn't actually his order, it was just a random Rs3 in the same color he wanted with most (or maybe all?) of the options he wanted. The same dealership that got that Rs3 got randomly 'gifted' another one at the end of april (gifted I guess is the term they're using when Audi just picks your dealership to send a random car that you didn't order), and it happened to be 95% of what I wanted (and the 5% it lacked can be handled later, and/or ignored): Tango Red Metallic, black optics package, tech package. It did not have the red stitching (meh) and it doesn't have the carbon package - which tbh I only wanted the trunk spoiler. yes, euro-rice. As that is not something exceptionally special, I'm sure I can add it later.
Pretty wild, first new car that I've bought, may be the last? Guess I won't rule that out, but I doubt there will be too many things on that front going forward, just not my normal MO.
anyway, impressions: it's a lot of fun. a seriously large amount of fun. From a user-experience perspective, it's worlds different from the R it's replacing, as one would expect from a car that's basically 20 years newer (think about the jump you'd get going from a 240 to an R, that kind of thing). It does have a bunch of stuff it can do, most of which I haven't figured out yet, but it is nice having phone integration and all that. The best way I can describe it.. it's what I (unfairly, in hindsight) expected the R to be. The R was/is a great car, any time it had some sort of age-related issue it never failed to make it home, it's a great driving experience esp if you consider what and who and where it came from.. I just had unfair expectations from the first time I saw them like a century ago.. And I was coming from my old Evo8, which really kind of skews the view. This is more along the lines of what it would be like if you merged the two cars (8y's appear to be trapping in the high teens stock, which is not far off from what the Evo used to turn in). In short, it's a lot of fun.
Nothing wrong with that. Seems like an upgrade was in order.
it was. the follow-on to the R started being considered in '15 or '16, when I kind of fully embraced that I wasn't "feeling it" and wasn't likely to really push it beyond the fun daily driver it is stock-felt like I was kind of wasting it. I still have my other shitboxes to meet my shenanigans needs... and I hear tell the RS responds well to relatively minor mods, soo...... :-D
"New phone, who dis?"
Sorry, wrong number. You want the frizzy-haired mid-life crisis euro-stance-boyz forum. :-P

Sweet Ride! Now all you need is the tuner pkg that can leave no trace.
Figured. I mean the P2 is awful on passenger space
it is comically bad. car's spending the week at at the spa getting ppf film applied on the nose and down the sides (basically, at the end of the day, the top of the trunk and the back part of the roof are the only places it won't have the film), don't want to talk about what that costs, but small children with blatant disregard for anything theirs or otherwise dictate this, esp when they can't be bothered to put their bikes up or not wash cars with rocks :sick: (to be fair, it was matt's camry, so nothing of value was actually damaged :-D ). also getting the windows tinted and ceramic coating done (relatively minor costs compared to the pain film). hopefully this takes care of that side of things for... like ever.. whatever small amount is left over from the sale of the R unfortunately will not go into the shop discretionary fund as I have some other more pressing yard projects.. but I am trying to work back towards more time for my own junk, hence the recent stockpiling of various parts/engines/etc.