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Olga the Second Revised

Next update for the records :-)

A while ago I cobbled up the piping from the turbo into the intercooler just using whatever spare parts I had laying about. I think everything was hitting 30 years old and the rubber hasn't held up very well over the past few years. I had to quickly wrap aluminium tape around the rubber closest to the exhaust manifold, cause it got charred pretty good at one point.


So here's the beast in all it's glory, overdue in getting replaced.


And this is what I started with to fabricate a reliable replacement; 2.75" aluminum piping and 4-layer silicone couplers from some polish chinese redistributor. In the end it all worked out, but the aluminum was a real pain in the TIG to weld...


After cutting and several test fitments, looks like it'll do.




The welding, as I already mentioned, was quite a challenge. It's not like I'm a certified welder, but at least the thing is holding up...




Good ole satin black spray paint treatment and we are good to go (just don't stare at the welds too long). ;-)



Nothing that increased the performance by any means, but it does give me a lot more peace of mind as I slowly get to cranking up the boost. :-D
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