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Painted my winter wheels


Active member
Aug 8, 2020
Vancouver Island

Painted my set of 740 steelies GM “Arctic/Dover” white. (Hey, I couldn’t find Volvo Duplicolor locally). At least I annoyed my neighbours with constant wire-wheeling for an afternoon… then the smell of paint for a week.

Added a “Volvo in sports” decal like the Group A car… advantages of working at a print/sign shop. The decal is a test fit. Thinking of changing the location to edge of edge of the rim instead. Opinions?

Well… I’m all set for winter.
I found them used locally. I had to combine two pairs to make a set. They were listed on FB market place at the same time 100 miles apart oddly enough.

They were in fairly good condition except for some pitting on the bead hook in two of them. Just wire wheeled the crap out of them and used rust paint.