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Pin or not to pin


Feb 13, 2011
This is a brake question. I have a couple of 87 740's. They both have Bendix front calipers. One has pins on top of the brake pad to hold it in place, the other one does not. I recently replaced the brake pads on the one without pins and the pads seem to be jumping around. Should I put pin ones in it?

Thank you for your help!!
I'm not that familiar with the Bendix brakes. But if you spotted missing hardware compared to your other car. You should install that hardware.
Bendix are a new thing to me, too. My past experience is with Girlings. So, how Bendix clips and pins work is a total mystery.
I think '87 was the first year when they added pins. If your pads have tabs with holes in them then of course you should use pins.