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Project Bluey, Propav8r’s ‘63 Amazon Wagon

Just got a chance to read through the original post-
Super cool to have all the history on the car! It was my favorite part of the introduction post (besides the fact that you got a 220) so I'm sure hearing it in a more detailed video format will be fun.
Been making a real concerted effort to get some video made for this project, enjoy the last couple videos:

Luckily I was also able to get a replacement transmission from Dave today:

I was expecting the rust to be so much worse on that, based on the pics showing the sills. Around here in the salt belt if the sills are that bad, the innder fenders are shot, all the floorboards are gone, subframes are gone, etc. This seems pretty solid other than than the sills.

And those were probably shot due to sitting outside and getting crap and water down the heater air intake. Ironically, Volvo routes the excess air from that intake down the a-pillars and into the sills, so it ventilates them some as the car drives, and in theory keeps them dried out. And any water that gets in drains out of the various drain holes between the inner/outer sills.

But after enough small leaves fall in and get blown into the sills, the drains plug up. And instead of keeping the sills dry, now it's just a conduit for water and dust to be carried into the sills, and they rust out.
What's up with the massive output flange on the trans? Driveshaft looks like the normal Amazon size but that things got some girth to it.
Third (and hopefully final) transmission is in the car. I left the driveshaft out since the stuff to rebuild that will be here Friday.

I did run it through the gear and punch it in fourth and it didn't do anything weird, but that's with absolutely zero load on anything. We'll see.

You definitely won't be speed shifting from 3-4, but I think it'll be okay. Fingers crossed.
What's up with the massive output flange on the trans? Driveshaft looks like the normal Amazon size but that things got some girth to it.
Yeah, it's hefty. Makes sense for NVH I guess, when this thing was newish and you could discern NVH from just the general H that happens when you move at over 3mph.

Nice! I’ve got some wagon stuff, let me know if you need anything. Also going to be doing a lot of work this next school year so I’m open to making some billet stuff as well.
I've been out of the TB loop for a few months. Nice to see we're still dragging old dead pushrod Volvos out of their graves and driving them around town a few days later. Keep it up man!
Today has been a comedy of errors. I started this morning with the intention of rebuilding the driveshaft and puttering around town a bit. 2 hours in to a 30 minute job, I stepped back and realized the ears of the yoke on the front driveshaft were badly bent. Not like folded in on each other, but tweaked enough so that the bearing cups would never be true to each other. FAK.

I gave up and went to the range instead.

I got home to a text from MikeJr saying he had a front driveshaft, so I guess I'm going to Atlanta tomorrow to pick that up. Due to some mixed signals and crossed lines, there was some confusion over the fact that both Dean and I need the same part from Mike, but I think we've come up with a compromise to get both of our cars mobile again. All's well that ends well I guess.