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project problems :/


New member
Aug 23, 2021
hello everyone, ive got a 97 940 2.3lpt project i have rebuild the engine with an A cam and she starts up and runs fine... for the most part.

ive got 2 issues

1. she is tappy ive messured the valve clearences and they are as follows (mesured when cold)

distributor <0.45-0.45-0.58-0.58-0.58-0.60-0.55-0.55> timing gear

i believe 0.40 is what im after so shimming should sort that issue if i am correct.. am i?

2. electrics....... the blower and wipers work with the ignition on when the engine is turned on they do not. i have no idea what the issue is. any ideas?
Talk to this guy
He’s got the same issues