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Project szhitbrick

That engine bay looks super cramped with goodies. loving the progress this has been making and provides good incentive to complete my build.
So its been forever since Ive posted on my build thread. Thought id take some time and get it up to speed. I ended up getting some spacers and putting the BBS propus 17s on. This changed the look of the car. It also changed the way the road feels a million times over. I spent the summer battling exhaust leaks on the top mount header. This eventually led to another turbos demise. I went through 3 journal bearings since first bolting on boost. One 2971, and 2 t3/4s . I was asking way too much of them with the massive leaks i had going on. I decided on the kl extreme header and Garrettt gvw 40 external wastegate. I also ordered a gtx2971r . I ended up having to take off all the passenger side accessories to get the fit right. No water pump line issue, but it is strange to have the coolant hose loop through the header tube. I ended up having to make a small extension for my downpipe for now. Thats the biggest pain so far. As far as performance I couldn’t tell you since I was riding around with leaks all over. I will say that the new setup is much quieter and much more punchier. Had to dial in the boost control duty but have it good for daily driving right now.

I still need to get my power steering going and Im pretty sure my ball joints are toast, so thats in the works. Also it’s cold af and my blower motor isnt doing much, should get to that soon. My wrap is also wrapped, going to look into a new color/ better material. After my interior and a couple other things on the list im not sure where to go from here. Definitely upgrading to a tru-trac asap. After that? I have a decent budget this year for it and my wife is pushing me to get a modern daily so who knows what the future hold maybe ditch my gm auto swap and throw a cd009 in.. still thinking though. No matter what gotta keep it fun

I think this is worthy of actaully being seen ...

Got the new carrier bearing pressed to the trutrac.IMG_1776.jpegIMG_1696.jpeg . Had to install a new aux fan since my boss has me working in the desert. Got that handled with a new relay and switch. Rebuilt the ball bearing snail last week and now I have a metal hiss. Not sure what happened but will be disassembling and using a journal for now. Probably get to that after work on night this week. Crap part is I have to make a different downpipe to fit it . Not happening today. Still have a box of crap to install. Snagged a viper alarm, some aeroquip latches, poly control arm bushings, odometer gear, trutrac and have my fv2 coming from map. Pretty sure these knock off bovs are what’s been stressing the snails. I have a graveyard of them now too. Anyhow just thought I’d update some.