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Quattro's $375 92 940T

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Oct 11, 2007
Well i figured id make a project thread just for ****s in giggles.As well as just to document the crap i go thru with this car.

Now i've done quite a bit of work to this car since i bought it so heres a run down.

-Stage 0 (Plugs,Wires,Dist cap,Rotor button,Fuel filter,Fuel sock,)
-eBay .50 trim 50/63
-3inch Exhaust
-36lb cfi's (have 46's though)
-Garrett CBV
-Black 850 seats
-Zeaner diode mod
-Amm to coldside
-740 Intercooler set up (blew the mitsu one apart)
-Accumulator mod
-Valve body mod
-Large trans cooler (from a 90's explorer)
-Converted over to t3/t4 style lines
-Ported 90+
-Modified throttle body (much smoother then stock opens much quicker)
-Zip ties!
-Fixed my charging issue!! :-D

And ever since the 3inch went on i have been having the most obnoxious problems i have ever experienced. It'll creep up to speed from 0-30 and i have to give at least 30% throutle just to get there alone.And in boost it'll pull good till 5+ then it'll act like its hitting a damn wall and breaks up.

Now my question is what could cause this?I have done the zeaner diode mod so that maf cut is bypassed as far as i know.Since the car did make 18psi previously till the exhaust went on.

Its just bothering the piss out of me i spend 3-5 hrs a day trying to figure this car out.I haven't checked any of the sensors aside from the temp sensor and that checked out good.The odd thing is the car ran PERFECTLY before the 3inch went on.So its something to do with the exhaust.Now i also get a consistent black exhaust smoke just even at idle.I have to my knowledge checked all VAC lines that run off the intake manifold as well as spraying carb cleaner on all lines and connections for the inter cooler as well.And only one thing as changed since that test on the back cylinder #4 it would drop revs and just piss even more black smoke.BUT i did pull and replace the manifold gaskets all around so i checked that gasket for cracks and theres NOTHING.So i dunno if that injector is not sealing up 100% and letting pressure to leak by or what.

But at least i have made SOME progress on finding out what the damn problem is.I wanna get on and blow my hg already! lol.Now im not sure on 36lb cfi's with the diode mod on if i would still get this black smoke out or not.

Now i have been told by a good friend of mine who knows theses cars that i am NOT hitting AMM cut due to the size of the case.So i don't know what to do to be honest :(.Oh my hood mount on the driver side snapped so now my hood sits level some what lol.

This thread will document whatever pathetic pass's i make and thru all the anger i have as well.I feel like i own a damn dsm to be honest lol.

Now if anyone has any idea's as to what is causing this problem then please let me hear em.

Some ****ty pix's of said car.




I hope i figure this damn thing out before nov 21st. (Florida fixx fest)

Leave comments!

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Well anyone who gives a **** can help or not.I really do not care as all the info i get here i have already tired out.
Well things are pointing to the AMM being too small to keep up.

I'll be making a new case soon to see if this fix's this damn problem.

Car ran perfectly before the 3inch so it makes sense now that the AMM would crap out.

Ninja edit:Well i found out the stupid CBV is being stuck open just found that out today.Gonna take it off and plug the hole and see what happens.
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Well fixed the bov problem just crushed the 1g dsm bov i had.

And ran a few voltage test's turns out my battery is weak.I'm getting 11-12v at the battery but i get 13+ at the alternator post's.

When i get paid im taking ALL of my alternators and battery's and getting them all tested then replace whatever needs to be replaced.Its a damn voltage problem not enough spark to burn all the extra fuel that is now available.

Oh well driving 4 miles on a battery alone and running like crap would cause the same issue.Had the same thing happen on the old 744 killed the battery from all the strain.

Live and learn.
Well went to advanced and had them test my alternators and the batterys i had.The batterys came back with the same results so they were the weak link.

Both turned out to be so called 'good' so i threw one into my buds 850T and went for a drive car did the same exact thing my car would do when you tempted to get into boost.Oh well glad its just a battery.

Looks like tomorrow might be go time.If it does fix the problems then im gonna go do some burnouts for celebration lol.
Well put the old alternator that tested the best and it is doing its job.Its actually cranking out 13.8-13.9 so its up to standards.Battery i bought was from the jy they 'say' 'its tested' well i drove the car around for 2-3 hrs and it still discharged the whole battery started dropping cylinders and even with that battery i did NOT get all my power back.Soooo i borrowed a friends battery and ran that for a little bit and i got a lot of my bottom end power back.

But still did the same bull**** that it does in boost and that's misfiring and breaking up.

Starting to think the injector on #4 is sticking its pulling the same **** that happened with the damaged 46's i had in there awhile back.Expect its going on at low boost.

I dunno what other things it could be.Other then maybe the grounds are not actually clean and grounding to there points?I'm going to go ahead and clean all the grounds i can find and follow all the wires from the battery to see if there damaged in some sort of way.I do have a almost complete set of 36's i can throw into the car which i will do.

Well i gotta continue telling myself it will be back to being nasty after all this **** is sorted and fixed.

Till then its stock boost till i find/fix this problem...

Its not looking good but at least i eliminated the alternator being good.

I am also still getting a black smoke at idle so i dunno what gives.I guess its just dumping fuel because it feels like it lol.

Id be pissed if i vented another inter cooler again....

Ill continue to update this crap even though no one looks at it much.More for my own entertainment i guess.

This sums up what i feel after working on this car 4-6 hrs and not making any improvements.

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Well wasted $60 on a new battery that i bought new.Still does the same damn thing.Dash lights dim i did mange to hook up my volt gauge so i know what my voltage is at all times.It'll drop from 12+ to 11.3 and start droping cylinders.I cleaned ALL the grounds in the engine bay and that made a huge difference for the alternator its now making 14.9 15.0 at all times.So thats good.I also cleaned and cut all the wires on the terminals and re did the connections on the battery and that didn't make a damn bit of difference.

I did do a 1-6500 rpm rev up slowly and it'll keep pace and run pretty good.But if you say you rev it from 4500+ and on then it'll break up and just dump fuel.Im thinking one of the injectors is staying on im going to swap out the ones in there for another set i have.

I guess tomorrow ill start ripping into the wiring to see if i can find anything i doubt i will though.

Oh fixed my oil return for the last damn time hopefully.
Checked/replaced all the hose's off the intake manifold as well as the rest in the engine bay.I haven't found any bad coupler leaks anywhere.Fpr i have swapped out already.It tends to like the old one for some reason or another.

Tomorrow im swapping injectors and checking all my injector o rings for rips.o2 sensor i do not know how to test it i have a multi meter so i could test it if someone would tell me how.

Still doesn't explain the battery draining when the alternator is cranking out 14.9-15.0

Its something strange.And i got a feeling this might be one of those cars that ends up in the jy due to wiring problems.
Check the ground on the alternator itself? The wire that goes from the back of the alt to the intake manifold? Maybe upgrade that to a bigger wire while you're at it.
I do have some thicker wire i could make a ground strap from..

Its obvious the voltage isn't reaching the battery but at idle it'll slowly charge the battery but soon as the revs are raised it'll start dropping volts.

Low voltage can cause the same running problems i am having right now.Alternator is doing its job that's for sure.One part of the ignition system i have not looked at was the coil.There might be a chance that its weak or not working the way it should.Ill swap it out and see if that makes a difference.

Thanks for the help ill give it a go and see what happens..I might trace the wires off the alternator and back and see if any of them are damaged.
Alright i cleaned up another 2 grounds i found.So after that ran another voltage test and its worse then before...I'm only seeing 2.4 volts at the alternator and at the battery im getting 11.2 dropping to 6.7 then it cuts off and dies.This car is making me more ****ing angry day by day.Its diffidently a ****ing wiring problem...

Looks like the revenge of the 244 is apon me.

God dammit....
Have you checked the battery cables? The power/ground cables to the alternator? How about your crankshaft pulley? If it's failing, the outer section could be slipping around the inner section, screwing with your timing and not turning the alternator fast enough to run a good charge.
I have checked all the wires and cleaned them up today.I haven't checked to see if my main pulley is slipping...Ill look into it tomorrow.The 240 has a fresh pulley on it so i could take that one and slap it on the 9 if my pulley is bad that is.

Im starting to think of going back to another 80's 744T least that car never had wiring problems.It seems as if every lh2.4 car i get has wiring problems and its not due to me.

Just one thing after another....
I have checked all the wiring in the engine bay as far as grounds go.I have looked over the alternator wiring and followed it all the way off the battery to the alternator.I have not hacked away at the casing that combines everything.I might cut that off and look at it one wire at a time.

Mounts seem good can't shake the motor around...

Its obviously something in the charging system and not something in the cabin thank god.
I'll bet it's the crank pulley. You said in an earlier post that it starts dropping volts when you raise the RPM's? Could be as soon as you load up the crank pulley it starts slipping. If it's not that, then I don't know what it could be. If the grounds are all good, the battery and alternator both test functional, and all of the wiring is good....well, then I'm not sure. Good luck with it!
Thanks it'd make sense that the pulley could be slipping.Car has killed off 2 alternator belts off in the past and the alternator spins freely as possible.

Heck now that i mention that makes a lot of sense now lol.

Ill let ya know what happens tomorrow.Crossing my fingers that it gets better lol.
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