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Question about block vs head dizzy


New member
Jan 5, 2020
East Coast
Recently picked up a 90+ engine out of the junkyard, having it sent out to the machine shop next week. Im going to be running LH2.2 In this car, due to getting a really good deal on harness and the ECU/EZK combo. My question is, the engine I picked up has a block mounted distributor. Obviously Ill need to switch over to a head mounted, are the heads with the block mounted distributor able to just convert over with the older style distributors? any fabbing I need to do? Also I assume ill need a block off plate for the hole where the old distributor went.

Why do you think you need to switch to a head mounted distributor? All you need is an lh 2.2 distributor. Swap it out and your good to go. I have a good lh 2.2 distributor.
The B230 engine can be converted to either type of distributor, and was done in the various models that used it. The 240 had a block mounted distributor and the 740/940 usually head mounted (but can also use the block mounted version).

The block had a metal core plug and the head a rubber coated metal plug blocking off the unused hole.
BUT, are you sure you need to change the distributor? Can you not use the one you have? It would save a lot of work.
I don't know much about LH2.2, but I think you need to make sure the distributor is also from a LH2.2 car as it has a sensor in it.
Easy to tell. If it's an LH2.2 dist (block or head mount), it will have a black 3-wire harness plug in the body of it. LH2.4 obviously has nothing besides spark plug wires :D
Take the head mount distributor and throw it as far as you can.

Also, the coolant temp sensor is different from LH2.2 to 2.4, so make sure you get the right one.