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240 Question for those with Bilstein touring class struts


Active member
Sep 29, 2007
Silver Spring, MD
I replaced the inserts with a set of Bilstein touring class today, and noticed that the nut that holds the insert into the strut sticks out way more than the old ones. The old ones were threaded into the strut completely so that no threads were showing, the new ones have about 1/4 inch of thread showing above the strut tube. That said, the threaded part of that nut is much bigger than on the previous ones, and they are in pretty far, maybe even farther than the old ones. I just wanted to know the opinion of some people who have done this already.

For what it's worth, I have no idea what brand the old struts were, the were kind of metallic blue and didn't have a brand on them.

Thanks for the help!
Just take a big ass wrench and tighten them down in the car and they'll seat well. I used big ass pliers and wrenched away with the car jacked enough to grab the nut (oh!) and twist it (OH!)

Mine still stick out, they hold fine though. I've abused the hell out of them and they don't mind.
handtight with a normal wrench is fine, just grab the rod and pull it up and down to check if the strut insert doesnt move inside the struthousing. no need to go crazy with bigass wrenches or anything
Yeah, the pipe wrench was instrumental in loosening the damn old ones. even with it, I had to heat it with a torch (and hope the old inserts didn't explode.