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Rear body to axle brake hose, 940 (solid axle)


Oct 30, 2023
Farmington, CT
What are y'all doing / where to get.
I don't mind going to my local indie parts shop, but they list almost nothing for Volvo. If that's the way, knowing the dimensions would be helpful. Of course I could just bring the old one to match up, but if they don't carry it, I'm out of a car for a bit.

go braided from fcp. theyre like $20 each. or ipd kit. and get some good german or oem volvo fluid to flush through. makes a huge difference in overall pedal firmness
Thanks. For whatever reason, I can't find the center / axle to body or whatever it's called, hose listed online anywhere. I get most of my parts from FCP. Given the holes in their inventory for my car (like rear shocks to match the Sachs and Meyle fronts they sell), I figured they just don't carry them. I'll give them a call tomorrow.
Isn't yours like the rest of us, with a hard line to each wheel well, then a short flex line to each caliper?
No "center" flex line, like some 'ol Chevy pickup!

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Oh dayumn I'm daft (three flex lines doesn't even make sense). Anyone want a 30+ year collection of hand tools? I probably shouldn't be working on cars anymore. Just kidding--DIY (not to mention thrift) are ingrained in my DNA.

Digression aside, that explains everything. Thanks you @dl242gt @240 240 and @MasterBlaster for setting me straight.