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Rear Bushing Replacement - 945


New member
Dec 13, 2003
Heidelberg, Germany (Thanks to the Army)
So I dropped off my 1995 945 off at a local independent Volvo repair shop this morning to have some work done and one of these things was to replace all of the suspension bushings. My goal has been to bring the wagon's handling back to what it was when it left the factory, then to make staged improvements from there. I provided all the bushings and the shop said, in so many words, that they did not want to replace the rear bushings because #1. It was an eight hour job and #2. They assured me they are good. My Volvo is US Spec and was purchased from the Volvo Factory by an American living in Germany, like myself, and maintained at this very shop since new. From what the shop told me they are original, but wouldn't new ones be better.

1. Does it really take eight hours to replace the rear bushings on a 1995 940 wagon (Nivomat equipped, if that matters)

How many miles on the car?
Did you supply OEM bushings?

8 hours seems a little bit excessive for a shop to replace all of the bushings.
Sounds about right. Wih sub-frame and all the bushings it adds up to at least a day's work.

I would look into which bushings really need replacing first, and use upgrades poly when you can, such as the panhard rod and torque rods.