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Replacing entire fuel system


This thread has inspired me to do an AN6 conversion of my fuel system. I'm wondering, what kind of bulkhead fittings did you use?

The ones I can find in here Sweden that come with teflon o-rings are straight (like this http://www.mrtuning.se/p/universal/an-kopplingar-slang/an-genomforing/an6-tankgenomforing.html). But it looks as you found 90 degree ones? The 90 degree ones I find here in Sweden (like this http://www.mrtuning.se/p/universal/an-kopplingar-slang/an-genomforing/an6-90-genomforing.html) are only for firewall use.

Would be very grateful for some info on this!
My 90 degree bulkheads were from Fragola; however, as AN (see what I did there?) mentions above, anyone's bulkhead 90 should work. Be sure to use a nylon washer on both sides of the fuel hat.
Ok, thanks! All this AN-stuff is getting clearer and clearer.

Regarding the fuel sender, any tips what to use to seal:
a) The mostly unused/capped vent where the three wires (fuel level sender ball, fuel pump +, ground) will go through? Just pass the wires through and fill with some kind of sealant? Silicon? Some kind of JB Weld?
b) The original pipe that the pump sends fuel through. Weld it, or fill it with some kind of epoxy putty?
I left a bit above/below the hat. Bent over/crushed the bottom, filled from the top with JB Weld and then crushed the top. Also used JB Weld to seal up the wires. I wouldn't use RTV - it won't hold up to gasoline fumes.
Bumping in hopes that M.H. Yount can again restore the photos to this most useful thread. Thanks for all your contributions!
Here's my attempt I'd like to share with a DW200 install
I cut off the original pickup tube and elbow and drill it out to use a -6 AN - 5/16 barbed bulkhead from Racetronix and an amazon special fuel cell wiring bulkhead, poke a third hole for the level sender.




Gotta get the washers and nuts in there before threading everything together so it's a bit of a puzzle. I used anaerobic sealant to seal the fittings. I don't entirely trust the plastic wiring fitting but there weren't many options so I'll keep an eye on it.
Thanks for the pics and links. I am debating something like you did vs welding an AN fitting on the OE feed port. Any issues tightening down the 90* AN fitting on top of the tank? Access is tight in there...
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I haven't installed or test fitted anything yet but other members have done this as well so I don't think it's too difficult, I feel like the 90 degree hose end I'm using is too tall but there's shorter ones available if it doesn't work, gonna try it out tonight