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Sander's 6.0 V12 745 project

I'm still alive! My last post is already a year ago I see. Quite a few things happened since then. My son was born on the 10th of March, promotion at work and work continued on the construction of my new workshop. My new underground workshop is basically finished, door installed, driveway done, electricity and lighting etc done and moved all my stuff from the old garage to the new one. I still have to organize everything and get some more closets etc, but that'll come this winter. Still a few things outside to do first. Then it was time to move the Volvo. Pulled it outside using my Chevy and damn it needed a wash after a few years on the lift. Good to see it finally on its wheels outside for the first time. Hopefully, I can resume work on it again somewhere this winter.

Sander.... Congratulations at fatherhood! Shop space looks good. Here’s hoping you are able to find time to make the bent-12 yell.
Thank you! Hopefully, this summer I'll be able to continue again. It's been well over 2 years since I did anything on it...
Good to see multiple Hemis on the drive. Man the Dutch love those things.
Can't have enough Hemi's in the driveway. In Holland, it's mostly Dodge Rams due to complicated tax reasons that make them really cheap compared to other stuff for small businesses.
Congratulations! Love hearing my baby ask to ride in the Volvo hope you hear it soon!
I'm very much looking forward to that

In other news, I bought this. It's a Maho 600E CNC milling machine from the late 80s, complete with automatic tool changer etc. X axis 600mm, y 450mm and Z 400, so will vastly improve the stuff I'm able to make in my garage. I bought it from a large company here in Germany where it was used to machine mostly plastic, so mechanically it's in excellent shape.

We raised a granddaughter from 43 days old. I always had Mopar hot rods. Last was a 1962 Dart that I built a very stout 440 with dual quades.3” TTI exhaust. This thing made a noise that sounded like undidscribable. Granddaughter would holler “whomp it”