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Seeking advice on coolant system.


New member
Dec 24, 2016
West Palm Beach, Florida
Alright, so here's the quick question, as I am only on break. The head gasket is definitely blown,not awful, but it is leaking. I know this much. As of yesterday I found out the water pump isn't working. My fan stays on sometimes when I turn the car off, but turns off most of the time if I switch the power on and off. No smoke in the exhaust. Old rusty water is the coolant.

I'm worried my endgine is going to overheat, or already is but I can't get a water pump or replace the head gasket till next week , and it's one or the other, and the other comes the week after. Anyhow, all that aside, the water in the coolant is running low. Should I put more water in it or is it going to get into my engine and will that even matter or will it evaporate? I know this is probably a basic answer but a lot of this happened between work and sleep and I haven't had much time to think about it. Let me know if I should grab distilled water on the way home basically
if the hg is blown don't keep driving it, it'll ruin the head.

if the water pump isn't working don't drive it either because overheating will warp the head and or deck on these engines.

Since the coolant is "rusty" i'd get rid of it all and put some fresh distilled water and antifreeze in. You'll have to do this again when doing the head gasket, and then again with the water pump

edit: this is what happened to someone's head when running it with a blown hg for a long period of time: http://imgur.com/a/FQdks from this thread
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Call your insurance agent, & try to add a tow package (many insurance companies offer tow packages for peanuts). Then tow your car to where you need to do the work vs ruining stuff.

I pay like $5.95/month for a tow package, jump, lock-out, push, 5 gal fuel, etc..