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Shift-lock won't disengage


New member
Feb 6, 2024
1993 940

Only once in a blue moon do I not have to use the manual shift-lock override under the shifter. The brake pedal should disengage shift-lock.

Anyone know how to fix this? Is it a sensor or a cable?
There is a relay in that circuit. The brake light switch activates the relay that sends power to the solenoid in the bottom of the shifter. The relay is not in the relay panel, IIRC. I think it is clipped to something in the dash structure above the driver's side foot well.
Same thing happens to me. A quick spin of the brake light fuse usually clears it up.
I was gonna say me too, and point out all the things that need to come together to make that shift lock solenoid reliable. But then I looked back at the original post. It's a 940.
IIRC it's a microswitch buried in the center console that causes the issue.
Yeah, buried in the shifter assembly if I remember correctly. I had a '93 Regina sedan that would not come out of park and found this to be the issue. I think I removed the whole shifter from the car and either jumpered or cut out the switch (can't remember if you want it engaged or disengaged).