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Slammed to lifted to slammed again 740 wagon


Dec 16, 2011
This is my first Volvo. It's been through many changes. I picked it up off Craigslist for $675 and made sure it had the 8v so if the timing belt went out I wouldn't have to worry about anything else. I had to learn about Volvos pretty quick afterwards. They're simple I've found. When I bought it there was no stereo, no mirrors, the drivers side door didn't roll up all the way, it needed tires, timing belt, all sorts of things. I found the nearest Jalopy Jungle and there was a grey wagon identical to mine so I fixed pretty much everything. I spent a bunch of time out in the rain yanking stuff off it and the same amount of time putting them on. I found that Volvos are easy to work on. It's been a fun project. Words are boring on forums, I'll give you a few pictures. Sorry there aren't too many of the process, I always forget to take pictures.

Slammed. I cut the springs a lot and bumpstops. My last car had coilovers and was pretty bouncy, I didn't mind the horrible ride, until I went offroading and ripped the trans mount out on three hidden boulders.

bfvcj.jpg height="600" width="800"

Lifted. I got Bilstein HD's for the front, flipped and raised the coil seats 1/2 in which gave me 2 1/4 inches of lift in the front. I put on Jeep Cherokee front springs in the rear which gave me 2 inches of lift and then Pro Comp shocks for the back. Crandandall influenced me quite a bit with his 240. It's got 235/75/15 Wrangler MT/R's and 14'' of ground clearance at the rockers now. No more rocks harming it.

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I flipped the Volvo stripe over getting gas one day. Volvos are fun.



this is when it was broken. i found this awesome road and then this awesome road ruined the day.
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Not bad, the car was super low before, I wouldn't have traveled more then a metre with the suspension like that...
Thanks for the comments guys. I did a bit more work on the front struts today and fixed a clunk. I've gotta get a trans pan, mine is hammered. I'm also planning on painting all the chrome black and the bumpers when the weather stays warm and thinking about painting the wheels gunmetal or black.