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Slammed to lifted to slammed again 740 wagon




Havent posted in a minute. Currently moving/looking for a better job. The Volvo got a 1" aluminum subframe drop so the LS truck manifold will fit without having to use an LS1 manifold. As cheap as junkyard swaps are they're still spendy. Hopefully will be getting an 8.8 soon and then within a few weekends I'll have it tuned and running. I'm using an on3 76mm turbo, flipped truck manifolds, water to air intercooler and meth injection. LS9 or LS6 cam depending on what I decide, I've got both. PAC 1218 valve springs and 80lb injectors. On our mustang dyno I hope to make 550 to the tires.
The Volvo is done for the time being. To catch you up, I did a turbo LS swap in it. It made 415whp and 454wtq on 8lbs of boost and 8-10 degrees of timing. Stock rear suspension. Yesterday I broke a part so that's why it doesn't make more power. I don't wanna break stuff.
SBE 5.3
PAC 1218 springs
LS9 cam
On3 76mm turbo
AR5 transmission
Ford 8.8


<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/b-iKdIIIODw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Does anybody have a good off-the shelf source for longer front swaybar end links? Mine are the later style.

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Thinking about lifting my 94 960, Is it the same idea as a 940? I live in Michigan and the thing is a BEAST in the snow already just needs more ground clearance. I'm curious as to if its the same process, Lengthen front struts and jeep springs in the rear with hockey pucks? Its got 260k miles and its original engine and trans and wont die, lsd in the rear and its a michigan snow beast.
Love this thread. It's inspired me to get some 205/70 15's and bring my 940 back to stock height. With a TruTrac it might actually be somewhat capable, for a 20 year old station wagon that is.

Anyone tried that tyre size? No rub?
Yes they rubbed on the frame rail, thats stock ride height though, with a lift they might not rub. In the back they were close to rubbing the inner well but never did except when taking a tight off-ramp at 65 mph lol. had a nice stance with 195s up front and 205s in the rear. yes 205/70r15s