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940 Smoking on decel (a LOT)

So the first time I checked was right after a drive, gloveless. The turbo was HOT and I just gave it a cursory spin and thought it was fine. It definitely moves up and down beyond what is acceptable.

What's the advisable course of action on a daily driven beater? It looks like there's a turbo S70 in the yard currently if I want to run yet another junkyard turbo...
What’s your budget? What do you want do with the car?
Just drive to work mostly. I run this at ~14.5 psi so I can actually merge onto the parkway. Budget wise I could spend up to $500 if it made sense to.
Junkyard turbo. Just swap the center cartridge and compressor side. I just did mine in about an hour.
Well I have been driving this very sparingly over the past month waiting for time to put some work in on it and have mostly been using my '67 now that the weather is nice. Drove out to get thai food tonight and suffered a catastrophic head gasket failure... milkshake on the dip stick AND coolant coming out externally. Really makes me wonder what could have happened there. The water pump and thermostat are only two years old and same with the heater valve and associated hoses. I have two months essentially off starting June 1st, so plenty of time to dig in to this thing.
Had some time this weekend:

Really wish I'd had a chance to run a leakdown test on this engine before it overheated... Check out the bore scratches on #2:

All of the cylinders have some scratching like this and a noticeable ring-ridge. I can not feel the scratches with my fingernail but they're there. Since a head gasket set is like $50 all in for these engines I'm going to put it back together.

I forgot to take pictures of the turbo but it is badly blown. It has left/right and in/out play, the compressor housing is scored up from the blades making contact, etc... To me it seems like most of my smoking problems were from that but these rings seem suspect. The strangest thing is the car always ran perfectly fine, no piston slap, no misfiring, just really smokey at times.