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I assume by your lack of response (John V) that this is no longer available, if something changes please let me know.
I’d like to get on the list for this as well. I sent a pm as well as called but voicemail was full.
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^^^ post 566 is the same one I have bookmarked for latest instructions. Post 639 shows a recent, or maybe latest?, kit.

If you look at the squirter parts carefully, you'll find that there's a tiny little spring and ball valve in the squirter bolt. I assume this cuts off the squirters until there's good oil pressure.

A couple suggestions:
- find a picture, or temporarily install the crank, to figure out which side of each cylinder to machine. One side has good crank clearance to the squirter, the other side looks very tight (maybe unusable?). The side varies by cyl.

- I found it better to drill the initial hole with a 1/8", or maybe a 3/16" drill. It was much easier to see where the hole was going to align it on the center of the oil galley. Enlarging it with the final drill was then quick and accurate.