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Steve's 1982 244: Stage One


Formerly 1983_242
Mar 11, 2011
Benicia, CA
Well, I figured it's time to start a project thread for my 244. The car is a 1982 244 GLE Diesel. The diesel engine is out and will be replaced with the new B23 from my 242 and a T5Z transmission. So far I've been doing tons of wiring cleanup to prepare the car for a trunk mounted battery and MS2.

My stage one goals are to break 300whp, and shake all of the bugs out of the car before moving onto my "Stage Two" build which will be the compound turbo system I built. I'm getting excited to finally get some parts going into the chassis.

I ordered an EMUSA GT3582 turbo, and an EMUSA 38mm WG for the stage one, and got turbo header tacked together for it today. I also bought a big FMIC from "ZVOLV", so as soon as that shows up I'll get some IC tubes routed and welded up. I would really like to get this car fired by XMAS this year. It may be an optimistic goal, but I'm gonna give it hell and see what happens.

I hope you all enjoy the show, I'll update this thread as the car starts coming together. :)

Here are a few pics of the car and today's progress. VVV









I'll get the WG and DP plumbed in next week when I get a little more time to put into the car.
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loved the manifold i got from you..... this should be fun. glad to hear your keeping the compoundsetup. even after that new douche mod locked your thread
loved the manifold i got from you..... this should be fun. glad to hear your keeping the compoundsetup. even after that new douche mod locked your thread

Haha, I took it back to the basics for this build, it's basically my "Affordable header" with the collector opened up a bit and re-positioned to better fit the new turbo. It's probably best that the thread got locked, folks were starting to troll in true TB fashion. :lol: Are you gonna run the 60-2 flywheel for a trigger wheel with MS?
0_0 29 psi on an H22? Holy balls those are some srs bsns internals he's running. I know a guy running 4psi on a stock one :lol:
Yeah, he said it was assembled with everything good, studded and sleeved. It was by far the nastiest street Honda I've ever seen. :lol: He said the car weighs 2350lbs with him in it, and he was a big dude.

the car was running on ms2 till i pulled the head off haha. im on pump gas because there is no e85 down here :(

Bummer on the E85, I am glad to hear it was running on MS2 though, only because now that Asher is up north I'll need to pick someone's brain with a similar setup to mine more locally. :)

On a side note: I bought an AEM 320LPH in-tank yesterday along with various weld-on AN fittings, oil restrictor, oil feed line, etc...

Here's the link to the pump VVV


It seems like a badass little pump for a hundred bucks, it says it may not like E85, but it'll have to get over that. :lol:
i will be running watermeth so timing wise we may be close to the same since with both have pretty high compression motors

I was thinking about running water/Meth down the road too. I'm gonna start tuning on 91 octane, 850T injectors, and 14psi. I want to get a nice safe gas tune for the car to start off, then I'll get more aggressive later with larger injectors and some corn fuel. :)
Yeah, I'm not sure if I will use them or not yet. They were a freebie off of a parts car we bought for the shop, so I figured I'd snag 'em. They'll at least get the car to start, which will motivate me to keep throwing money at it. :lol:
Well, I am almost done on the exhaust side of things. I decided to TIG weld it all for the neat factor, but it's really kickin' my ass. I almost got all of the welding done, still need to finish the welds on the exhaust flange to primary tubes. I also have to install an O2 bung for my wideband sensor, weld up the DP, and make a recirc tube from the WG to the DP. My fuel pump will be showing up soon along with a few fittings for the oil feed line. :)

Here are a few pictures of recent progress.


Quickie 100A Alt bracket



Need to do a little cleaning up in the merge with the die grinder still

Wow, beautiful work. That manifold is stunning all by itself. Looking forward to seeing this project come along.

Thanks. :)

Here's the rest of my progress for the weekend. It's all welded up now. I wasn't able to get to the oil drain, but that will be easy. I TIG welded everything and I'm very happy with how it came out.



Recirc tube clearance is great.


DP all finished

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Okay, well the header is finally completely done. I de-burred all of the sharp corners on the inside of the merge collector, and blended all of the corners of the square flange to the round primary tubes. Then I sand blasted, and painted it BLUE!!! :) Overall, I really dig the look of it all. :) Here are a couple pics to hold y'all over. Plans for this weekend are: finish my intake manifold, run oil feed and drain (Hoping all of my fitting get here before the holiday)

Anyway, here's the pics.