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stock 335i intercooler for 300hp b230, too small?


Active member
May 1, 2020
Victoria, Bc
I am looking at making 300hp through a k24 turbo off of a p2 v70r/s60r, and have gotten to the part where I have to start thinking about intercooling and piping.
near me someone is selling a stock 335i intercooler for just over 100$, being the cost-effective build that I intend to make, I figured that this might be a decent route since aftermarket brand name intercoolers can be a little pricey.
I have gotten measurements off of the e92 forums and the dimensions of the stock intercooler for the n54 is: 20" W x 5.12" H x 4.5" D= 460ci core volume 102sq/in ambient face. which by my measurements would seem to fit quite nicely

does this seem like a decent deal and would the dimensions of an IC like this well suit the power I am hoping to make, or are there better alternatives to something like this.

I have no experience with these intercoolers but take into account the extra work needed to make such an odd shape work in a 240. If you spend $200 on piping and mounting a $100 core how far ahead are you in cost savings?

Also worth looking into when BMW guys recommend to upgrade them, seems they don't like the stock units all that much...

While I'm not saying don't branch out there are tried and true el chipo methods (NPR intercooler comes to mind) that fit and use the rather large front end space of a 240
Try it and find out. Can you get good airflow to it and can it be mounted without chopping the hell out of the front end/core support, I’d say go for it.
I mean it's worth a shot. The thing supports airflow from the BMW twin turbo setup so it would probably be fine.
Worst case scenario just resell it to someone else.
The 335I BMW is rated at 300 HP and it is a realistic rating. Mine is quick and has no turbo lag. I think that IC will be suited to what your goals are. The BMW guys upgrade when they go to bigger turbos. It is not uncommon to see 450 HP 335s.
Those intercoolers dont have a lot of frontal area, RWD Volvos do... Its not the best match since you loose lots of efficiency as your heat exchanger gets thicker but for a budget build I don't think it will hold you back. If you do end up running one, ducting could be very important as the air will probably want to go around it and not through it unless you guide it.