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T04B 24-Trim Compressor Wheel? Confused.


New member
Dec 17, 2002
T04B Compressor Wheel #409179-0024 -- Which Trim?


Trying to determine which trim Garrett T04B compressor wheel part number 409179-0024 is.

looks like a diesel application compressor wheel, used on IH, Deere, etc..

But, I have no way of figuring out what trim this wheel is. I am guessing it's a H3 trim, anyone confirm or bust that guess?


edit: answered - posted below
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Ok, Found one more reference:

"Many upgrade to a T4 without realising how much power a well-sorted T3 can flow. Breathing through a 3 inch K&N air filter, ATS (Australian Turbo Sales) hi-flowed the standard Garret T3 using a standard compressor cover and turbine housing, a T4 -24 trim compressor wheel, stage 5 T3 turbine wheel, strengthened thrust bearings and carefully balanced"

However, I called turbonetics sales support and they've never heard of a -24trim T4.

*still confused*
Garrett Part Number

OK.. I'm getting the feeling this d00d is going on the GARRETT PART NUMBER.. i think he means the part number ends in -0024?

and that brings me to more frustration -- anyone got a garrett part number catalog? something that'll tell me which T04B compressor trim has a part number ending -0024?

Utter stupidity. GRR.
I've asked him 3 times now. he keeps saying "24! itsa 24!" lol.. he even called it a 24 trim. even turbonetics said no such thing. he's a little confused on his parts, i guess.

what I have determined to this point is he is talking garrett part numbers... which are sort of like lottery numbers -- your lucky if you can get them right!

i found out its near impossible to determine a compressor wheel trim from its part number! I called a number of garretts "master distributers" and 3 of thier "engineering houses" and all told me I should measure the wheel because they cant look it up by part number (!) -- a few tried, found the part, but thier computer gave no details. one said that possibly limit engineering could do so, so i'm waiting on a return phone call from them. i found all that to be fairly unreal.

web research tells me its a 409179-0024 (only t04b wheel ending 24 i can find), however the only info online after extensive searching is that it's a "T04B compressor wheel" -- wow, great info LOL

the only reason i'm so curious is because said turbo builder claims this -24 wheel is a real good match to the volvo turbo motors and has worked great for him on other volvos. so i'm curious what exactly he's using.

at this point, I am guessing its the H3. he did say it was a "torqueish" design and the H3 is a truck design.. so it seems to make sense. I know its not the S-trim because I managed to find out that one is the -0018...