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Teh Anti Poi 91 940Ti

Lord Tentacle

Anime Lord
Aug 6, 2005
Sydney, AUS/Appleton, WI
so I got this 91 945ti from my dad back in 04
it hardly ran and had 135k on the clock

so I went through lots of crap and brought it up to stage 0
then some bitch hit me in a parking lot and took out both headlights and my grill
i settled with her insurance company and bought some springs, shocks and e-codes

then i added some of fred's chips, a saab APC system, and a 15g

i was always on the look out for nice stock braces and add ons that the euro cars got

and then i went down to florida and got sick of dealing with this crud

so i gots a new block and put it on with the old head, ported the hell out of the 15g and the 90+ and the stock 530 head and then tossed in a KG2t cam
the car was then converted to run on E85 and i was able to make over 260Whp and it got one run in at 12.9@109 with it stripped down to a drivers seat and a skinny moung driving with the WG sorta latched shut.....

so then i drove cross country towing a trailer and leaking coolant the entire way

and finally a few weeks later i killed off the motor when the radiator exploded
poor redblock

so i was at the junk yard and ran into this thing and realized... it belonged in my car

so i started pulling the old beast out

and then working things to get the new beast in...
like modifying the power steering tank

adding some AN fittings to the power steering lines

making the trans temp sender friendly

and then lots and lots of work to the fuel system





got a new radiator

built a shifter controller for the AW30-40LE trans

built my MS2-extra on V3 box

made my own wiring harnes's and put the engine into place

worked out something snazzy with the IAV

got a trans cooler sorted out

most of the rest of everything in the engine bay was put in its place


got a super big oil filter on it

bilstein sent me new shocks to replace the ones with 90k on them


ghettofied the throttle cable to make the stock 940 one work


then did the same with the shifter linkage


added some totaly overkill JDM bling to the interior

still need to work out an intake and get MS to find a crank signel and it will be done

I asked this in one of your other threads, and not sure if you responded yet, but is the 960 block a direct drop into 940s?
and then....then you'll wash it, right? :-(
when it runs its going to the car wash and i'm going to clean it with the high pressure hose and lots of engine bright
edit:// where the hell's the t6

being worked on, it needed a sleeve and I'm working on pistons and getting flange's water cut

I did some measuring with the manifolds off and I'm going to be able to fit the 15g's in nicely
though I'm also looking at some big GT turbo's that vince has as well for use on a simpler log manifold
awsome mike! almost to sleeper status. ill let you know when it hits sleeper status IMO. .... gotsta get da nawzss lol no but seriously.. nitrous is gona be awsome!
flux core welding i see, :-( thats sad. must be that 120 crap.
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Well Chris Wiita, Justin (kildea), and I are all using 960 coils with both MSnS-E and MS2-E with much success. Are you running wasted spark or COP?
Well Chris Wiita, Justin (kildea), and I are all using 960 coils with both MSnS-E and MS2-E with much success. Are you running wasted spark or COP?

yes, but not using the 5v pull up resistor that the mega manual says i should be using that could have been causing the high dwell times
checked the MSQ just now, dwell is/was set to 3ms cranking, 2ms running

Pwnt. Stick with it mike, you're close man.

but this time i'm going to set it up so the IC's explode before the coils overheat
<embed width="448" height="361" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" src="http://s81.photobucket.com/flash/player.swf?file=http://vid81.photobucket.com/albums/j220/tiebird256/wtf turbobricks/may25th2008003.flv"></embed>

that was right before the coils exploded...