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the four eyed pig volvo 242


Active member
May 1, 2020
Victoria, Bc
I have recently bought my first project car, as well as my first project car, a 1981 pigskin pink volvo 242 b21a carbed, m46, coolant leak from water pump, possible oil leak from valve cover gasket

a borg warner T5 swap (t5 4cl trans purchased, as well as all yoshifab adapter bits otw)
repair rust around rear fenders: progress pics below.
swap 81 quad square headlights for seventy something quad rounds. (done)
repair brake lights (basically just fiddled with them and it started working( update left side tail lights suck now and are dimmer))
repair crank sunroof (done)
got a new radiator that isnt rotten and crumbling
get a 84+ front lip and front bumper

have car painted (maybe repainted pink)
the current state of tha car:

previous owners lovely exhaust solution:

newly bought 4cl t5:
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I have requested access to view, but as others said embedding the images is so much nicer to look at.

Good luck with the project
Nice shifter! Does it get epoxied or other sealer to keep it from staining?

Body work looks like a decent start. What did you do on the backside of the visible repair?

Have you used filler before? I ask 'cos it looks a little uneven spread in the pics, like it was setting up to quick when applied. Either less hardener proportionate to the epoxy, or work at laying a quick smooth thin base before adding more..