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The New And Improved Engine Oil Thread

Redwood Chair

- Stock PSI Or Bust -
Mar 23, 2007
Ocean Beach S.F.
Since they took the ZDDP out of DELO 15-40 what?s the go to oil?

Mobil 1 10W-30 Synthetic High Mileage with a vial of ZDDP snake oil added in?


Also LULZ @ 75K is ?high? miles.
In my opinion redblocks really don't need the zddp. I use the fancy German oil FCP sells. Seems to smoke less going downhill with that stuff than it did on Rotella.

edit: when I say redblocks I mean b230s not pushrods.
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We insist on only using oils with high levels of ZDDP for ALL of our customers with pushrod Volvo engines.

We use regular old 30w, which the government didn't mess with.

If our customers want multi-weight oil in their pushrod engines, we recommend Valvoline VR-1 which has high levels of ZDDP or a ZDDP additive along with their choice of mulit-weight oil.

We've always used multi-weight oils in all of our customers OHC Volvo engines.
I've been running Mobil 1 in all our cars, yard equipment, etc. I use the VR-1 for engine break-in.
Liqui Moly Leichtlauf is my go to these days. It’s magic at reducing redblock piston slap.

Or the high mileage M1 you posted.
Now someone just has to watch Facebook and link this thread 100 times a day

I guess my Amazon will be getting straight 30w next time
Can't remember where I saw this, but I remember a test that showed a lot of those zinc additives were pretty ungood for the oils film strength.
Pep Bros had some 15-40 royal purpleness on sale for 20.90 a gallon. So it was time to try something different than the usual T6 Rotella. Seems to be a good oil. The engine is nice and quiet. Hard to find the higher viscosity oils at Pep Bros.

I tried to buy some BG44K and they told me it's only for service work. No retail sales of BG44K. It's all as well because they charge 94$ for a can of BG cleaner and 44K as a two pack. :omg:
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The Mobil 1 15-50w is the only one that gets the gold cap on the bottle. So you know it's the good stuff. Been using that in my turbo for over 15 years.
When I was browsing Summit Racing. They seemed to have three kinds of oil. Regular oil with the reduced ZDDP, an off road or racing oil which has the zinc and full on racing oil which had lots of zinc and was not legal for road use. :e-shrug: