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The new look.

Today was very productive. Not only did I get a lot of the house cleaned fur the grad party, but some goodies on the 242.

Got some real coilovers done. Ben Kaplan stuff. Some better wrecking yard brakes on there too.

The steel top hats.

Anti fold steel on the clutch fork.


Got this in today. Saab 228/215x that was modded to play with mustang 225mm clutch. Clutch net says its 65% stronger. We shall see.

Learned the difference between 1030 and 1031 inner seals.

And installed.

New skf bearings.


Now that's harbor fright.
So I can get a little more clearance and adjustability. The homemade steel plate has a pretty broad seat so I'm not afraid of stress fatigue.
For where your strut top is now it doesn't look like there's any reason to hack it.

you know when you take the lip off you remove a lot of stiffness, right?
There was another set up in my car prior to this one.

Put this stuff in the diff.

Put a better master cylinder on and got the brakes to work nice.
hmm, not great to hear a few days after I cut my strut towers to get the most out of your short struts and camber plates...

If you're sandwiching it with a reinforcing plate or a sufficiently stiff strut brace that has good surface area its a non issue.


Found this uber nice 1993 windshield for $22 out the door. Now I need to figure out how to get all the black booger off.
Wet razor blade, and kerosene.

Strangely lacquer won't touch the butyl flex.

Buttttttt it's best to just cut the excess off and use the remnants as a primed surface.

The little tiny jar of primer is $30+.

I have an OE style butyl flex install kit here, if you make your way up the coast later this week LMK.

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RAd dude! I have some windoweld from you already but none of that fancy stuff that is in the last pic. Does that ring the windshield to seal the little gap? I want to use the dl windshield trim so Id like to get it as sealed as possible. Plus the classic sindshield rubber trim was kinda cracked and the I broke the aluminum piece that rings the windshield too. :oops: