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Towery's White 1993 245 GL Automatic

1372394 (left) and 1372395 (right)

Ask Eric to source them for you. They may have to be purchased from Sweden

Let me know if he cannot help you as I think I have a spare pair that I could sell
I bought new reflectors from Skandix when Bne was buying some stuff a few years ago. The next wear item is the lens, which I may replace next. The buckets are the worst part, and one of the four I have is broken where the turn signal housing attaches, but I can still make them function and look fine, so they are lower priority. I'm about to place an order from Tasca and I will be restocking my white plastic clips. I bought 10 of them about 15 years ago and I'm about to finally use up the remainder on this refresh.

I'll post some in-progress and final result photos eventually. I still need to order wire & connectors and I'm dragging on that because I don't know where I should be buying that stuff from.

Made in Taiwan!! :wtf: Did you consider just replacing the brushes? I have heard that you can buy and do, but it is unclear to me if it is practical.

How much did that cost, if you don't mind me asking.
Replaced front window scraper seals on Saturday. Rained on Sunday. Worth the effort.

Next spring I'll be redoing the black vinyl.

Sourced from someone who sourced from Ken Redwood Kenwood Chair



254,900 miles. Dec. 2, 2023
Gotta love the cargo capacity. Looks nice, I scored a 1993 white wagon last year for a motor swap project.