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Turbo oil accumulator


The world of the smiling Dogo
Jun 21, 2002
S NJ, a suburb of Phila.
Do people still use these? I know they are an old add on for a turbo to increase the service life. I have a kit I bought from Turbo City a long time ago and when I install a new turbo I was going to use it. With the costs of engines and even ebay turbos. It's a great way to make the turbo probably last as long as your engine.
Do you mean an Accusump or similar? I seem them used in endurance racing for cars that get oil starvation in corners and braking zones.
You do use an acusump for this but it's only for the turbo. A check valve is used on the turbo oil feed line. The accumulator fills while driving. You add an extra half to whole quart of oil to the engine.
Then when you shut of the car. The low residual pressure in the accumulator continues to feed oil to the turbo for a couple of minutes.
I can see some value still in this concept for oil/air-cooled turbos. Keeping some oil flow going after engine shutdown will help the bearings and seals live longer and reduce oil coke accumulation. For a water-cooled turbo, the water has this same basic purpose and it already does continue to flow (slowly) after shutdown via the thermal siphon effect.