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Volvo 240 with VW VR6 turbo swap?


Jan 4, 2015
About 10 years ago I was into Volkswagens and I had several MK2’s Jetta/Golfs, I also had a 1995 Passat VR6 that I pieces together a turbo kit for. Car made 408whp on stock bottom end with a T04E, 9:1 head spacer, 42lb injectors, short runner intake and big intercooler, stock ECU but with chip for injectors and oversized MAF. I no longer care for Volkswagens, but the VR6 sounds amazing in any itenerarion and was quite stout, and not hard to work on. I’m very familiar with them. I was thinking it would make a unique swap in a project Volvo 240 I’m looking into. They are very compact engines, so I don’t think space is an issue. The only concern really is the oil pan clearing the subframe. I think a custom pan would need to be made. Also what trans to use? You can pick up a VR6 cheap too. Has this been done? I’ve seen LS swaps, Ford 5.0 swaps and 2JZ swaps in 240’s but no VR6. I’d like to get a 3.2l 24v from a wrecked R32 or Touareg, although I had a 12v that put down very respectable numbers. What do you guys think?
I saw that! Very clean indeed. I?m thinking a BMW trans from an e36 M3 or maybe even a 325/328 could work with an adaptor of sorts.
It’s not the easiest way to 400hp, but I think it’s a lot easier & drivable than shooting for that on a redblock. LS swaps have been done, and at around the 400hp mark your in the forced induction zone on those unless you get a zo6 LS. There is a huge aftermarket for the VR6 and parts are cheap! My current project car is an a BMW e92 335i with the twin turbo N54 motor that’s full bolt on and just over 400whp and nothing is cheap for that platform. $500 for a cold air intake, $350 for cat less downpipes, $550 for intercooler upgrade. VR6 is Volkswagen and the aftermarket for them appeal to the college age kids who don’t have a lot of $$ to throw down. The engine itself is no longer than b230 and instead of dealing with the hassle of a True V engine design to route exhaust to a turbocharger, the turbo sits in the same spot as it would on a turbo redblock, keeping the engine tidy and simple.
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As an old VW guy, I applaud this idea and conversion.

The biggest issue I could see might be setting the FWD setup to RWD format.

Other than that, the VR6 is a thing of beauty. Love the way it revs and is easy to booooost. :cool:
At the end of day, it's your car. Do whatever makes you happy. If you're doing it to be unique, no ones going to care.
For the oil pan you can consider a dry sump setup. Doesn't make it easier or less complex but should give you the clearance. I was into VW air cooled for a long time and like your idea a lot!
you can probably use an 01E 6 spd from an Audi B5 S4 and weld the differential inside the trans so you'll only be using the output at the rear of the motor. You can get an adapter plate from a Toureg or Porsch. Look up vr6 swap into audi b5 might have some of your answers
My buddy did a rwd mkII golf with a turbo vr5 (10v engine, same bell housing as the vr6) he used a BMW getrag 260 and just cut and welded the VW bell housing to it, many many pulls at 25+ psi and. Nothing ever flew out. Used a e30 irs setup, man that car was fun. He was pretty active on VW vortex
I had a 95 Jetta with a 12V VR6 and a 5 spd. That thing was fun. And it sounded *GREAT* once that center suitcase muffler was removed.
400hp on a 6.0 is almost effortless. Bolt-ons and a small cam will be 400whp.

Likewise, cam/springs alone and 480-500 is easily available from the LS3. Agree - VR6 one sweet sounding motor. And perhaps the most output available from the most compact engine. VW did well to borrow from Lancia.
I remember when I took the intake off my 12V, being surprised at how small the motor was under that big bulky intake manifold.
I've been measuring since mid week and I've been trying to get accurate long block dimensions on a 24v engine. Not sure about a 2-series engine bay but I don't think one of these will fit in a 1-series engine bay without quite a bit of cutting. Maybe if you can have it mounted slanted but it's also a pretty tall engine.
I've been looking to mount 12v vr6 AAA to 244
First idea was to use
BMW 6 speed, redblock starter, rb starter ring gear, diy flywheel, adapter plate...

There might be challenge if you don't want modify engine front member or body.

Inlet would be best bang for buck to be done with VR lower part