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Volvo 5 cyl dual vvt control

940 16 valve

Oct 22, 2005
Calgary, Alberta
I've been driving a dual VVT motor with Motoric 4.4 thanks to Aaron at Vast helping me set it up. He repurposes the rear O2 heater output to control the VVt solenoid (or both O2 heaters if dual VVT, but then you have to run a standalone wideband). Daily driven for 2 years in and no issues!


What, me worry?
300+ Club
May 27, 2003
Acworth, Ga. USA
There was a guy who ran Hellmoose Performance, who had a plug -n-play solution integrating MS3PRO with Motronic 4.4 with true dual VVT, but- his webpage is closed and he seems to be off FB.
So- it can be done