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volvowiringdiagrams.com down for good?

They do it because they can...legal advice is protect your trademark...doesn’t add value to what they’re making today.

There was a time I remember when Volvo considered it an important part of good business to do what they could to support owners and enthusiasts. That has clearly ended. So when the Chinese venture fails and Volvo is once again put on the market, we'll see if anything changes or if it'll just be too late and they'll take the path of Saab.
Mitchell Service Wiring Diagrams and About OZ Volvo Tech Archive ...

Mitchell Service Wiring Diagrams Scanned to PDF Files Here on this Sweden Site:


As a security measure, when you log in to the Oz Volvo Technical Archive, you have a limited time to click a file link. Best to eventually download the PDF or other file. If you have been on the technical archive site for a time and are not able to view or collect files, refresh the webpage by pressing F5 to resent your session.


Hope that halps yoo-hoo-hoo-hooooo!!!!
Threw up a google drive link to many Volvo docs and missing sites... Have at it. Most if not all of the OZ Volvo PDF's are in there as well. It's a mess.

EDIT 04/29/23: Looks like google killed my account linked above and nuked the entire archive...
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How about all this talk of Volvo buying themselves back from Geely??
Maybe they'll get off our backs a little bit?

I'll believe that when their ACTIONS undoubtedly point to it, not their rumors. I will not hold my breath. Geely does not and never has owned the Volvo trademark. It's owned by Volvo Trademark Holdings in Sweden.
So if Volvo ever wants to repair the damage they've done (my opinion) to the Volvo owner community (more specifically referring to the more loyal owners who have older cars, not the first-time one-time lease buyers they target now), then they need to see it as worthwhile to the bottom line. They used to understand the value of loyalty. That ended in 2018.