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Want to be a staff writer? heres how it works..

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So, What are the Actual requirements? I mean i can do a write up on a lot of different things, what exactly are we looking for here?
Well, I'm probably too much of a Newb to author content myself, but I'm a technical writer/editor by trade, so if anyone wants help writing send me a PM.
Staff Writer

Am just starting to resto-mod an '83 244 Turbo (b21ft) . I am new to turbos but not volvos. I would be glad to post a running account of the project with pics. I will Include all research and any screw-ups, which are a given. Am sure most of this is covered but not as a full project. Already had to put a new steering rack in to make it drivable. Let me know.

I'm a 26 year, second generation Volvo driver. I've owned 9, and have my 10th on the way. Know a lot about them, especially the RWD versions - I'm also an experienced writer. If interested in having me do feature articles or some tech articles please contact me. Thanks. "Cedar"
Now how about if we want to stay as our own publisher? I?ve created Speak-EZ Music as a music publisher, but how do I go about making the company relevant. Right now I am seeking placements on major R&B albums through my manager, do we just keep plugging until we have a placement on a major album, and build from there?

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Mileage Badge Holder on the cheap.

The idea was to order the magnetic version of the Volvo high mileage sticker and build a holder for the grill. I wanted magnetic so that when I purchase the next level, I just replace the mileage badge. On the same holder.
You can easily make more of these as you add badges.

Items needed:
1. Magnetic Mileage badge from Dave Barton (see link) http://www.davebarton.com/VolvoStickers.html
2. Soda/beer Aluminum can bottom
3. Vegetable Steel can bottom that has a ridge (so the magnetic badge will stick)
(if you go with a plain sticker, still go after a can bottom that has a ridge it looks better)
4. 2 machine screws with flat heads and nuts
5. 2 lock washers
6. Black Spray Paint

Tools needed:
1. Can opener
2. Scissors
3. Nail with hammer or drill
4. Slot screw driver


How to:
1. Order the appropriate magnetic mileage badge from Dave’s site.
2. Once arrives, find a vegetable can bottom that the magnetic mileage badge fits in. It should have a ridge. Test fit to be sure. Ridged can bottom works best.
3. Using a can opener, cut the bottom of the vegetable steel can.
4. Using scissors carefully cut the bottom off an aluminum can.
5. Paint the inside of the aluminum can bottom Black
6. Paint both sides the ridged side of the steel can Black
7. Once dry, use a nail and hammer or drill and put 2 holes in each can bottom. Make sure they line up. Easiest way is the put on top of each when making the holes.
8. Thread the machine screws in the holes in the steel can bottom.

9. Align the steel can bottom with the 2 machine screws on the grill location.
10. Once threaded through the grill, attach the aluminum can bottom (black side) via the 2 holes.
(Make sure the Aluminum can bottom is concaved like a “C”)
11. On each of the machine screws, put on the washers and nut. (outside of the aluminum can bottom)
12. With the screwdriver, while holding the nut, carefully tighten both screws. You want to evenly tighten both screws until the aluminum can bottom reaches the grill. Do not over tighten but make sure it is tight. The Aluminum can bottom will give and form around the grill slats.


13. Once tighten, put magnetic mileage badge on the steel can bottom.
14. The ridge makes a nice seam and prevents the badge from blowing off and looks like it belongs.
I can write about how to shorten your struts to fit a shorter shock/damper in order to be able to go really low.
And maybe how to band steelies?
So did everyone give up? I haven't seen an article posted here in six months.

Do staff writers need to give their Paypal account? It was never mentioned.