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We measured Redblock cam valve events; here's what we got.

I have one stored away. I know that I will never use it and that no one will ever want it, so can send it to you if no one is closer. The only request is that you can't send it back!

I already lent him one :cool:
Cam Doctor for all would be pretty epic. I'd love to see the numbers. Calculus rules.

I'd love to do all that you want to loan me, but hold onto them until Spring. It's cold in the 01915 now...until April, probably.

I'm very happy to do this for everybody, and it's fun for us to do it. When the weather changes, we'll be on it.
Anyone have some RSI cams to donate to this cause, just to show how horribly they were designed once and for all?
I have a (now broken) c2 sitting in my shop, and a new stage 3, but I'd have to ask their owner if I could ship them anywhere.
I have a couple days off coming in 2 weeks, provided the weather is good I'm planning to knock out 3 more cams: the B and the M that I have, and one more of the crowd's choosing. You guys pick. If it's a small base circle cam, I have some lash caps but I'm not positive they would be correct for my otherwise stock valve train.
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Added Volvo "M" camshaft today. It's milder than the salsa at a Mexican restaurant in the middle of Nebraska

So when can I come pick it up? :-P

Also I obtained an L cam if you're interested in measuring that in the future
Added total duration figures per lift value, intake and exhaust, as requested. Looking at this, and seeing it in print, it's obvious that the engineers had a rough 10? per 0.050" valve lift figure in mind. Perhaps this is as fast as you can go with the 33mm lifter bucket? I see the IPD cam runs the same, and I would have expected an aftermarket grind to be more aggressive in this arena.

Any of you smart guys have input? I am aware of the derivatives of valve acceleration and jerk but not the math...
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Thanks for all the information you are providing to us, shoestring.

I'm pretty confused by this stuff and the charts so hopefully someone can help me out with it. I'm about to install a "b" cam into my b230 and I would like to check the valve clearance afterwards. Once shoestring is kind enough to post the valve lift numbers with a "b" cam can I basically turn the motor until each valve is at its max height and then hope the lift is whatever number shoestrings puts into the chart under "MAX LIFT"?

Also, should I check the lift when those valve "husher" pieces are installed or when they are not?

Thanks for your help, everyone.
The hushers will not affect the max lift figure. They will make shimming for clearance a little more difficult, I usually discard them. I did run a new set for a while with no perceptible difference in sound.

Yes, the "max lift" figure you would get should be extremely similar to the value I have listed. Please be reminded that the figure I have listed is "as installed". Valve events are measured off the lifter bucket, not on the cam.