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Weird cruise control


Jun 9, 2023
So I’ve been having this problem since about 4 months ago, I assumed it was my brake light being out but I’m thinking not now, when I got my 94 940 turbo wagon about a year ago the cruise worked great and had no issues, ever since about 4 months ago it’s been on and off, sometime it will work great but I have to press the button hard or multiple times, sometime it won’t work at all, and then sometimes I’ll press the button and all it will do is accelerate, when I press the brake to stop it after it does that it doesn’t work at all once again. Anyone have any ideas? I really miss my cruise:(
It can take more than just a couple hours for someone who knows the answer to your question to show up. I certainly don't.

Have patience.
Is there a good way to test it?
My number 9 came unhooked...my eyeballs could see it there on driver's side inner "fender" under the hood.

Your mouth's suction power can test item #3...with a hose attached. .item #10.....suck, place tongue on hose...does the pot hold a vacuum?

Brake pedal circuit can be tested with your suction power at item #8
That would cause it to only accelerate?

Evaluate the mechanical side first....brake pedal circuit has to be working correctly. So, have someone touch brake pedal while line has a vacuum, then release...test several times. Brake pedal circuit can work right, and then not work right...pushing on a button may or may not be the issue. Volt test could validate if it [button] is not working.