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What's your minimalist toolkit kept in the car?

this and a flashlight. I can do pretty much anything I'd want to do on the side of the road. If I need anything else I'll just get it towed :lol:

That is a sexy kit.

So sexy I'm scared to look up the price......
Wera is one of the best mid-tier brands imo. $138 currently from KC Tool (they're local to me and I like the people) but slightly cheaper elsewhere probably

Depends how far I'm driving
I always always have a ratchet strap ready. I've used one to tension the alternator in the past.
Typically I am quite confident in my brick, and don't bring more than a pair of pliers, screwdriver, zip ties and a spare tire with the factory weird and terrifying half scissor jack that comes in 940s. Oh, and AAA premium. Only have had to use it once so far in several years of driving only old bricks.
Long road trips is a whole other story.
Spare MAF
Various wire gauges
Lots of screwdrivers, whole sockets set
Milwaukee impact
Small Jack
Roadside air compressor
Vice grips
Channel locks
Pry bar
Basically as much as I can fit along with whatever else I'm bringing
Fuel pump relay. A couple bulbs. Combination Philips/flat screwdriver, I don't know why. The only time these cars have let me down is due to something I did, so I stopped doing those type of things to my daily.