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Luca and me kinda developed the lift kit at the same time and chatted a lot about developing it back then. That's why they are so similar :-)

The reason that kit is different to mine is that the kit you link to is for 7/900 volvo's. The 240 kit is a little different in that it can have a shock extender for the rear.
1. What years were factory equipped sunroofs available on Volvo 244's?

2. Will an OEM 1993 244 Sunroof fit a 1987 244?

3. Did Volvo make channels for the sunroof drain tubes on either side of the front door pillars and into the rear behind the passenger windows in 1987, like they did in 1993?

4. Which year Volvo 244's are "sunroof compatible?

5. Any other information and insights would be much appreciated!