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There were different versions of this window. Let me know whether your car has green tinted ones or clear ones so I can see if I have the exact version. If not, maybe you won't really care whether you get one that's an exact match or not? Also, I don't think you want to mess with the VP one as you'd also have to get the latch assembly and put this on yourself, which I've heard can be a real pain.
Hi srs,

Thanks for your message. The window was slightly tinted green, although without a direct comparison it's tough to say. Anyways, I've purchased the VP one already as it didn't look like anyone had anything available. We'll see what shows up and if it works particularly with the latch you mentioned. If not, I may look for a window from you instead if you have one.
Hey I could use some chips from u possibly, shooting for high 300s Maybe tap 400. 94 b230ft with rods, studs, ipd cam, 630cc injectors, 4 bar fpr, billet wheel he351, tube manifold.
Hi, are the TH350/400 adapters still available from you? I’m interested in purchasing one, I’m in Australia.