News you say? What news? We have moved servers, upgraded a lot of the backend software, and are looking forward to making some changes to the site and board. Please visit this thread if you are having any problems accessing the board. Thanks!



New T-shirt available in the store. Thanks to all the contest participants. Stickers have been reduced in price as well.

We are still looking for motivated staff writers for the site. If you're interested please review the details here.



For those of you who would like to add an image link back to turbobricks from their web sites and online portfolios, We now have some available here.



The turbobricks community had its first 'big board' milestone last year - just about 4.5 years after we moved off of ezboards system we accumulated 1million posts. 18 months later we have already rolled past the 2million post mark. Thanks to all of you who make tb the daily routine!



Turbobricks is looking for members willing to volunteer their time and knowledge. If you have professional experience in building and configuring web servers or databases and would like to volunteer for the turbobricks server team please consider the following thread: click here



A new team of Turbobricks Staff Writers has been formed to bring you fresh and consistent articles for the site.



Lots of changes on the operational side of things here at Turbobricks. To start we have moved to a new dedicated option for the board and site to help alleviate some problems.

Turbobricks hit a milestone recently with 1,000,000 posts! Officially a 'big board' in the world wide web! Thanks to the hundreds among thousands that remember the first posts.



The turbobricks message board is back up and functioning after a month of temporary access. Unfortunately we were unable to restore the data lost between 9/22 and 11/2. We have reloaded the newest content over top of the last backup we had on file. Any problems should be directed to the staff through the 'contact us' link.



The servers file system crashed yesterday morning causing the server to fail. The remainder of the time spent offline was dedicated to rebuilding the file system and restoring the system from its duplicate at the time of the crash. We apologize for any inconvenience this caused and we're looking into ways to help prevent possible disasters from being so detrimental.

In the meantime we've temporarily fired up the board with a "fun" only forum to pass time until the server restoration is complete. Nothing will be kept from this forum so don't do anything important that you cant lose.



The Turbobricks community members have gathered together and devoted our spare computer processes to the Stanford University Folding project. For more information registered members may click here:

Turbobricks Folding Team



We are proud to support one of our members in her quest to raise donations for the annual Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. Please help her in reaching her goal by donating to the foundation - all contributions are tax deductible.

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Due to popular demand our logo has changed in order to provide a better sticker design. Both the site and the message board have finally had their headers updated to reflect the latest style.

Our message board has also received a makeover with the latest build of vBulletin and we hope everyone enjoys its new added features.



The new turbobricks stickers are done. The new design should satisfy the majority of you who requested something with a bit more structure, more modern design. They should be available in the store by the end of the month.


The New York Times for Friday March 4th features some of our members and a bit of the background behind what we do and why. Hopefully people will like it. Thanks to all the members who contributed.

Click Here for the complete online article


Our Turbobricks Store has received an overhaul and now has some more items people have requested. Still no ability to print on black (sorry). Check it out!

Our Sept/Oct donation fund raiser was a great success! We raised enough money to cover all our hosting needs for the next 2 years! We would like to thank each and every one of our members who donated, you make Turbobricks tick!

5/02/04 The Turbobricks Mailing list has been taken offline due to server limitations. Many thanks to our friends over at gnttype.org for their years of support and hosting.

3/22/04 Turbobricks v3.5 is up and running. The new menu's and site style should help make things easier to find.

Congratulations to Doug for his Feature Car spot, as well as a congratulations to all our members who recently were featured in GrassRoots Motorsports Magazine!

11/12/03 The photos from the midatlantic Stillman Volvo meet in PA are up: Click Here

10/18/03 VCOA National Meet - Mount Snow, VT photos are up! Click Here

06/18/03 Last month one of our more well known members passed away while making a cross county trek with his Volvo. Matthew P. Dionne was a great friend to all of us and he will be missed. Click here to read some of our members stories and thoughts.


Carlisle Import/Kit-Replica photos have been uploaded temporarily to a separate gallery located here (carlisle photos)


Turbobricks.com is now on its new server. Thank you for being so patient as the necessary changes were made over the weekend and monday.

Our message board now has a new address, http://forums.turbobricks.com Please update your bookmarks.


Spring is here! And as scheduled, our changes are here. The winners this round are all worthy of being the feature car and it was pretty tough picking which out of the three would be up here. Well we combined votes and here's the standing:

First Place - Chris Convey shot a wonderful photo with Rob Prince's sweet 242 in a classic country backdrop grabbed our attention right from the start. (pic)

Second Place - Roller_T with an awesome photograph of his 740tic. Looks straight out of a magazine doesnt it! Great job! (pic)

Third Place - Doug managed to grab a shot of his one week old paint job on his killer 242 before the sun went down. I'm sure there will be more great photos of this car soon. (pic)

It was quite obvious which photo won our "Turbobricks Spirit Award", Mike Towery happened to grab a shot of our winning car actually, on the dyno causing quite a scene. (pic)



The backend of the site has been redesigned to allow for better functionality and to make it easier to work with. This should also make this summers updates and changes to the physical design of the site easier as well.


Happy New Year everyone! The results of the Winter photo contest are in. We had lots of photos this round, and was quite difficult to determine their rank. In the end this is what our judges agreed upon:

First Place - Kent Van Oort took the lead for his photo of Brett Borders's pristine 240 Bertone (pic)

Second Place - Kyle Brown for his snow covered 740 (pic)

Third Place - Ryan Wynott with his 780 Bertone in a beautiful backdrop. (pic)

Since we had so many great photos this round, our judges added in an honorable mention award which goes to Michael Towery for his photo of a row of bricksters en route to a gathering (pic)

And of course our "Turbobricks spirit award" which was a three way tie, Kyle Brown for a snow covered GT sporting our name (pic), "Roller T" for his 3D rendering of a true "turbo brick" (pic), and Dana Howe for some christmas cookie spirit (pic)


New Turbobricks Message Board is up and running thanks to our sponsor turbovolvo.com. Our previous ezboard forum was no longer financially beneficial, however we have kept the store and donations going to help enhance turbobricks for its future endeavors.

Over the last month there have been many minor changes to the site, a few members website link additions/changes were made, however we are working to incorporate the members list from the new message board into a user interface to find members in your area. A few outdated modification articles have been pulled down for updating and a few new articles are ready to go up. As always feel free to volunteer articles or technical expertise to publish.


Congratulations to all of our winners for the turbobricks.com photo contest. We had many great submissions this round. The winners are:

First Place - Jonathan Johansson for his awesome photography of his friends 1995 gray 940 Turbo (pic) (pic)

Second Place - tie! Dan Clemts 242 burnout picture (pic) and yes another Jonathan Johansson picture of his friends 1986 740 Turbo (pic)

Third Place - this goes to our great friend Juha Pirskanen and his beautiful 744! (pic)

An additional award was made just because we couldn't let this go with out some recognition, Mark Wallin has earned "Most Turbobricks Spirit" for his entry of his 1985 760 Turbo wagon, and a great night time picture! (pic)

Great work everyone, it was definitely fun for everyone. Thank all of you for your participation and effort, i hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did!

09/01/02 Turbobricks v.3 released! Please note the new locations of items, feel free to report any incorrect links or errors on the page to the appropriate person via our contact page. Have Fun!